Our Support

We are here to support you in locating a point of contact within an organization, and how to navigate  requesting communication access services. For non-ADA covered organizations, we are here to brainstorm effective ways to create communication access so your constituents are included in an affordable way, while promoting effective communication and sustainable approaches.

 Advocacy Corner


Our Investment

Civic Access has a pulse on the community and people we serve. One way we identify which barriers are most commonly experienced is through local surveys and Town Halls. Collected information is then examined and assessed to guide our local investment. These are often sectors that are not covered by federal legislation, but are important for our community to access:

  • Youth Access
  • Health Education and Programming
  • Deaf Blind Interpreting Services and Addressing the Current SSP Market Failure
  • Family Events (weddings, funerals, baby showers, etc.)
  • Job Interviews and Access to Work
  • Public Awareness


Our Community Speaks



Below are some of the most commonly requested resources that support creating access. Please contact our Advocacy department for other resources, language, or ideas on ways to create access.

Requesting an Interpreter for DMV Process

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

VRI requirements for Effective Communication

ADA Law Regarding Effective Communication

Voter Hotline in ASL