Want to See Why You Should Work with Civic Access?

Join Civic Access to see how we all are a part of change. We work to elevate communication access. We are a community.

Community Centric values

Unconditional team support

Noncompetitive work environment



Below are listed positions that we are currently hiring. Scroll and click on the link for specific roles, attach your resume and a minute long video introducing yourself and sharing your interpreting philosophy. Please note we look at every single applicant to give fair opportunity for all. If we do feel you will be the right fit, we will reach out to you

Project Strategist

Love coordination and strategies for communication access? Apply with us!

Branding Expert

Do you enjoy branding in digital world? Enjoy Creativity? Check us out and apply!

VRI Interpreters

Be a part of the Civic Access team as a freelance remote interpreter and work for  assignments in a variety of virtual settings.

Independent Contractors

Be a part of the Civic Access team as a freelance interpreter and work for specific assignments.

Executive Team Interpreters

Do you feel like you have specialized knowledge or skill-set and appreciate increasing the value of the deaf ecosystem? Would you like to work in a designated interpreter role alongside deaf leaders? If so, this is a great fit for you!

Don’t see a role listed, contact us to share your resume.