Our Story

Founded in 2014, Civic Access is a unique company that diverged from the typical interpreting agency model. We are a social enterprise company that invests a percentage of our revenue into education and advocacy to increase awareness and access for our local communities. We are a dedicated and passionate team of people who take the time to learn about who our consumers are, and how their needs can most effectively be met. Committed to ongoing quality assurance, we also pride ourselves on maintaining an open, honest dialogue with our clients as we work hand-in-hand to create successful communication outcomes.

We are humbled to share that Civic Access’ model is proving to be effective for creating communication access as evidenced by our community’s testimonies.


Civic Access is disrupting the traditional agency model by emulating the model of a social enterprise. We aim to balance our work by utilizing our revenue to provide the social benefit that meets the needs for communication access to our local community. We recognize that there is still a social discrepancy when accessing resources, programs, and other civic-sector venues. We seek to come in and provide revenue, human resources, or other support to create access and therefore increase the quality of life, peace of mind, and access experience for the communities we serve.